One word – Dixie
A name you never cared for
But one word was enough
To pronounce you legend

I never saw you play
But your legacy prevails
The good son that still shines
On the green of Goodison

Your name revered, remembered
Not just by those at Everton
All those who love this game
In awe of your achievement

Not just etched in history
But carved and gouged in granite
Stone tablets bear your name
Eternal and immoveable

Unrivalled and unequalled
You never will be bettered
Unique and unstoppable
Breaker of the mould

No fear and no compromise
When men were men and gentlemen
All is fair in love and war
Immortal in your combat

You may have walked on water
Your boots down with the crowds
A hero and yet one of us
The local boy made god

For strike rate and goals scored
There’s no-one who can touch you
For club and then for country
A cut above the rest

Eighty since your sixty
And still your star shines brightly
Nil satis nisi optimum
William Ralph Dean