“As funny as ever – always a festival highlight!”
Northern Children’s Book Festival

“An abundance of jests, jokes and japes – like The Beano in poetry form”
Junior Education

“I didn’t like poetry before I saw you. It was brilliant – I couldn’t stop laughing. You were like the Peter Kay of poetry”
John, Year 6

“How someone grew up on a diet of Slade and Batman came out of it unscathed and with his brain still in good working order is beyond belief. Read on and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.”
Noddy Holder

“Simple and direct, these poems are caring, compassionate and funny”
Ian McMillan

“Cum on feel the poemzzz…”
Paul Cookson

“I haven’t laughed this much since I saw Eddie Izzard – inspiring!”
Claire Waldron, Literary Coordinator, Walsingham Primary School

“Ten out of ten! Great performance lads!”
Sir Bobby Robson

“Anyone who saw Paul’s impromptu performance stepping in for John Cooper Clarke, will know this will be a cracking evening.”
Off The Shelf Festival, Sheffield

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